patent lawyer?

where can i find a good patent lawyer for patenting consumer electronics? for decent price? where else?

“electronics patent lawyers” just resulted in this one … you could refine the search with your location.

A decent price…? Remember WHAT you’re dealing with.

thanks for the reply and advise,

i was hoping to get contact based on good reputation within the design community…

i can google until i am blue and find quantity…but quality?

the project i am working on is very promising…both in its function and design and market size…perhaps a lawyer who can join as a partner would be more ideal.

does anyone know any good patent lawyers who may be interested?


where are you based?


i’m in nyc. do you know someone?

search for inventors groups/organizations/clubs online. there are tons of them throughout the country who exist partly to help people like you. I’m not talking about the shady companies that charge a fee to help you “develop” your invention. these are folks who have been there done that and there must be someone in the bunch of clubs in the tristate area who can recommend a good lawyer for what you need.

yeah, if it’s promising enough, maybe they’ll do it for a piece of the pie.

the lawyer i mean.

Important question-Have you worked with a patent lawer before?