Pasadena City College

Anyone have experience or opinions of Pasadena City College’s ID program? I’m thinking of going through that to eventually transfer to Art Center. The program is set up by Stan Kong of Art Center, and he teaches many of the classes. Good way to save money and explore…

Yeah I know it’s a community college, a small program, i don’t get a degree, etc…but for what it is and what I plan to do, is it a good idea? Thanks i advance.

I am familiar with the program at PCC. Many of the students from PCC get into Art Center with scholarship money because of the strength of their portfolios. There is a good relationship between the schools, which I think is where the strength of PCC’s program comes from. You could always contact Stan Kong and discuss with him. He teaches at PCC and at Art Center.


Thanks Xixi,

This is very encouraging. I only wish I knew about PCC years ago.

PCC’s program has a incredible faculty and transfers tons of students to art center and cal state long beach. i saved a ton of money and learned alot about design. give it a try![/quote]