Partnering opportunity in the Rural NW

In the rural Northwest - Product Commercialization Consultant is looking for an industrial designer/new product designer, practicing or semi-retired. I would definitely characterize this as a unique partnering opportunity, not a conventional employment opportunity.

About me…as a Product Commercialization Consultant/Inventor with several product programs under my belt, I’ve consulted for several independent inventors (invention development, market research, alliance partner development, and licensing development) and hold patents and proprietary IP (both winners and losers).

Seeking a Product Designer with skill-sets in early-stage development: ideation and visualization, concept sketches-loose exploratory renderings (free-hand), design brief development, 3-D visual study models, proof-of-principles breadboard prototypes, and Solidworks.

Now this is where things get somewhat unique - The Product Designer and spouse would reside on the ranch property and perform a secondary role as managers of a unique B&B – I’ll explain. I have rural acreage outside of Sandpoint, Idaho which I am transitioning into a specialty Bed & Breakfast which caters to inventors with which I consult, etc… This B&B is a rustic three-level log home in the woods with creek, windmill, outbuilding, and miles of horse back riding trails (moose, bear, deer, etc.). My family and I reside in another home on the opposite side of the property. We work from a separate office/studio building which is on the ranch as well.

My objective here is to source a professionally qualified product designer who possesses a unique blending of four attributes: qualified invention development partner/collaborator, responsible tenant, designer and spouse which would truly enjoy the role of B&B hosts and fully understand the realities of rural living.

I am fishing for just the right person for this rather unusual program. If it’s a fit-I’d enjoy hearing from you.

Very interesting opportunity… you might want to do a 30 day trial period because you are all going to have to be some good friends to pull it off, but I love the idea. I would totally do something like this when I am getting to the semi retirement point, but instead of a B&B, it would have to be more like an old deco mid-century roadside motel that had been converted into designer nirvana. Like this: but with a better website: and this:

Buyer Beware!

If it’s a fit-I’d enjoy hearing from you

I bet he would. I don’t know anymore than what you see here, but this guy has been phishing for some time now; at least a year. I imagine his turnover rate is either pretty high, or no one else has gone for the bait, yet.

Call me skeptical, but it sounds a lot like work-for-food, make beds, and clean bathrooms … and not much time left over for “designing” anything; remember you have to have that wine & cheese be set out by 3 p.m. :confused: Of course, “free” room and board ain’t never a bad thang. Why not check it out; you can always leave.

But yo’s right, it does have a certain appeal. There are a lot of “senior” craftsmen doing seminar/training retreats. Kent White is one helluva metal guy; but you pay him for the experience.

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I have been fishing for just the right person for awhile. Never found the right situation so I have not proceeded forward with the plan. Have had a few that very much wanted to, however, relocating wasn’t workable-family/kids,etc… For that designer that is looking to get the heck out of the Rat Race it could be right. However, not trying to sell anyone on anything. Living in the woods is not for everybody, but after 20 years I, personally, would not go back to a metro lifestyle. For a freelance designer that has a few seasoned client relationships (and can do the work from anywhere), kids are grown, and is thinking about retirement, moving to the woods might be what he dreams about.

For me doing this project isn’t mandatory -however, if the right personalities and skill-sets can come together - I’d very much like to.