Participating the Peugeot Design contest?

So who’s entering this design contest. We need a big North American delegation. :smiling_imp: So far, it was won by European designers!

No response? The winning car will be built full size (Prototype built by Peugeot) and see the car in the next X-box game…

I’d love to enter, but I don’t have time. I tried to come up with something for a car-design contest a few years ago…I only had enough time to come up with a rough design direction in sketches…no time for a model or renders.

BTW, are you working in Montreal?

Yeah, I know what you mean. Work all day, then try designing a car at night…

I’m going to enter, I hope I have time do a nice rendering or whatever. At work teh other day I laid out about 50 concepts. The winners have all been naturalistic designs, I feel a well balanced geo/naty type idea will win it this year.