Parsons vs. CCA

first i got in to both for an mfa in fine art.
however, i am very interested in all aspects of design.
i have a bfa in architecture and currently practice art, architecture and graphic design.

new york city is very very very hard to pass up.
if you dont know cca its in san francisco, which is close to home and i have a number of friends there. sf is convinient and comfortable. nyc is like a foreign country to me. but i wanted to go to somewhere foreign.

the tuition is similar at both 24,000 at cca and 26 or 28,000 at parsons.

cca is offering me 20,000 worth of scolarships per year.
parsons… not much or nothing. i havent received the financial aid packet yet.

i think i will regret not going to parsons.
i will always wonder what would have happened had i gone to nyc.
its in the center of an international art scene.
the exposure, visiting profs, and galleries are priceless.

the facilities are better at parsons.
but cca will leave me with little debt.

your comments are greatly appreciated.
i have read a lot of reviews on parsons but they are in regards to fashion or id. what about the fine art program.

Hmmm…that’s a quandry…

I would say CCA, cause I’m going there in the fall too!

Nueva York is nice…but the weather is hideous.


As of last week, there is new management at the ID dept. on CCA. Yves Behar is apparently taking over the program.

While this seems like a pretty good thing, he was hired to bring the program out of the mess it has been in for the past several years…and this will probably take 2-3 years to do.

The Prof.

mess, past several years … huh. Steven Holt was an amazing visionary and a strong leader. Although his physical presence at the school was lacking due to health complications, I don’t think i would concider the school to have been a “mess” at any point. I have seen CCA mentioned only a few times on this forum, and it always accompanied by shit talkng. Whether it be Prof. Dipshit or Yo who I recall stating something about the Academy doing better work, which is bullshit. I find it humorous due to the fact that the faculty is made up of professionals in the area who come from some of the best schools in the nation and people like Yves Behar taking over as chair. I realy don’t think any of these people would be involved with or becoming a part of the program if it sucked as much as is implied on this forum.

so how are the oportunities for showing work around the city?
is there a thumping art scene with motivated people pushing it?
rumor has it that if you want to be an artist you have l.a. on the west and nyc on the east… san fran isnt the place to be. true?

parsons has great facilities for there fine art students. I have a couple friends in it right now, one is named top 25 new artist by new york magazine. There are many opportunities and you are in the heart of the city. the program is kind of small in class size there I believe like 10-15 kids in the class of 2007. but I am not 100 percent on that, but its small, but my friend likes it like that because each student gets his own studio space to creat and do what they want for projects.

also since parsons is tied with New School university you will get a great selection on liberals and other outside classes.

If you would like email me and I can try and get you the email of my friend and he could answer all your questions about the program (he will be a senior next year).

I am not too familiar with the SF school…

I have been too busy is school to participate in anyway, but have many friends who don’t seem to have a problem showing work. It is my understanding that when the dot com boom hit, the art scene here took a rather large hit. As the yuppies moved in the artists moved out and down to LA making it a hotspot, so kinda true despite the fact that LA sucks. This is complete hearsay, except for the LA sucking part, because I did not live here at the time.

From my perception there appears to be a very large motivated community of artists here. You should check out it will give you a much better idea of the artists and galleries that are active here.

By the way, Prof. Dipshits comments and my previous rant don’t really apply to you, Yves Behar has become chair of the undergrad ID program and it seems you are interested in the MFA Design program. To which I only know a little about, it is definitely directed to all forms of design and is sorta of defined by you. The one person I know who is acutally in the program is taking the core studios as well as furniture sudios. It my impression that you are able to define your own focus. As for the facilities, CCA has good shops which are continually expanding.

It sounds like CCA would be the path of least resistance financially, but I don’t know anything about Parsons program or facilities. Being someone who is just graduating and moving to New York in the next month I’m not sure I would pass up New York either. I can tell you that I did enjoy my time here and do think SF is an incredibly creative environment and a cool city.

Not sure if that helped, more thoughts and comments than advice but it might give you something to base a decision on. Good luck

thanks for the info.
what is your buddies name… i emailed all the kids graduating this year in the fine arts program asking them what they thought. he be one of the ones that responded.

I know his first name is steven and his last name I cant think of at the second but he is not a senior right now he is a junior.

as a parsons grad, It is a great place to study. I went to school there, and loved the downtown neighberhood soo much I got a place nearby and haven’t look back since. The benefits of being in such a high energy city as a student were highly motivational. I am still paying off some of my school debt, but what can you do. So many different art / design scenes here to fit your mood. Good luck!!