Parsons student in need of financial assistance

Hi my name is Taji and I’m about to start Parsons in the fall. I’m a 25 year old African American female and I’m having a hard time finding enough funding to pay for school. I almost have enough to pay for the tuition, but i dont have enough for the room and board. Im tapped out of loans and I dont have any rich relatives to borrow from. I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone. I would also like to get some feed back from anyone that went to parsons or is currently attending Parsons.

Are you tapped out for the student federal loans? If you are, you’ll have to get a PLUS (I think that’s it) gov’t. loan, but that one is for your parents to take out (in their name). Next down the line, you should be able to get one from the school, they normally have a set amount depending on what year you’re in. If you still don’t have enough after those, something went wrong down the line. They’re set up so that even if you have very little money, the combo of financial aid, fed loans (student and parent), and school loans are supposed to make up the difference. They don’t mind handing out the loans, they know they’re making it all back plus over a third of the original amount in profit from interest. Also, some schools like my old one counted your expected earnings from work study as part of your financial aid package. So even though you haven’t made that money yet, they use it in their calculations to see if you can pay for everything.

Now I’m NOT recommending this, but you’d be surprised at how many ladies I knew from school “danced” to pay for school, an astonishing number. Just saying that because it’s messed up what some of us have to do get an education if you’re broke. I’m not recommending it or dissing it, just putting it out there.
I also don’t recommend this but as far as emergencies go, I once had to put an outstanding tuition balance on my mothers credit card (that still hasn’t been paid off yet). You really don’t want to go into too much debt, definitely not with the credit cards, but your education is important. I guess the reasoning could be, with that extra edu, you’ll make a lot more money when you get out and it shouldn’t be that much of a problem to pay everything off if you’re disciplined enough. Also depends on your major, if you’re going into painting, don’t waste your time, get in early at burger king and by the time the rest of the painting majors graduate and have to apply there, you’ll already be management.

Either way, if you show all of your numbers (income, amount recieved in loans, school costs, etc) to the financial aid office, they should see the deficit and increase your school loan amount (not the fed stafford, no control over that). The financial aid office can be your best friend. Don’t hesitate to talk to them, that’s what they’re there for. I was in real tight with mine, they saw me more than some of my teachers! Sometimes they can even “advance” you a future loan in the form of a “scholarship” if you have a money emergency (like putting a depo on an apt (which should be much cheaper than school room+b, maybe not in NY though)). They’ll just take that money back the next semester from your regular loans. Anyway, good luck to you, I hope everything turns out well, you’ll have a tough journey ahead but it’ll be well worth it if you work hard.

at 25 arent you off your parents deductible? and now eligible for higher loan amounts on your income bracket (or are you using your tax return, not theirs, for financial aid calculations)? also at 25 cant you get an SLS? saved my arse.

you dont lay out what you’ve really done. PLUS? Pell (they back?)? SLS? any Indian blood in you? WorkStudy? roommates? job???

Thank you guys for your input. I have aPell grant, stafford loan, perkins loan, scholarship, and workstudy. This still doesn’t even cover the tuition let alone the room and board. Im an independant student so I cant use my parents. I got accepted into Parsons last year and when I couldn’t get the funds I had to wait till this semester. I’ve just been doing odd job and stuff waiting to make my way up to NY. I cant get a private loan because I don’t have any established credit and will need a co-signer ( which I dont have, I’ve asked). What is an SLS? can someone please give some more suggestions please.

responded to PM but found something worth posting. SLS looks mainly state sponsored. some have it. NY may not. while looking saw something called SEOG.

might add what you’ve applied for and not received. or what school doesn’t offer. guessing Parsons has this. and assume you’ve applied for SEOG and didnt get it. was easy enough to find out about.