parsons | st. martin's | domus academy ?

hi all,

I am 19 years old and next year I want to go to study fashion or product/furniture design. I design website since i am 15 and ofer the years i made a lot of projects in different design directions (productdesign, furnituredesign, video, architecture, photography, illustration, …). →

This three Design schools are really interesting to me:

  • Parsons, New York
  • St. Martin’s, London
  • Domus Academy, Milan

Because I am interested in so many design directions i search also a school which respects this influences? Do you know which one of these schools is the best for my requirements?

Thanks a lot.


I am a Junior at Parsons. I am a lil biased but I feel like what you have asked for it gives out. I feel like its production department is not as strong as others in all aspects but in furniture i think it is among the best, and as for fashion it is among the highest ranked in the world. and being in NYC offers many internships,a nd job offers. I major in communication design , but got a job designing shoes through a teacher that works in fashion.

many opportunities.