Parsons Design School

I am a ID student from the Netherlands (Delft) and currently I am working on my master thesis to receive an MSc. degree.
Although I love Product Design, I am interested in specializing in Light or Lighting Design. When asking around and searching the internet I found out that Parsons (NY) has a special Graduate program within the field of my interest.
Is there anybody who has experience with this particular course or has information for me about te application procedure of Parsons? Is it hard to get accepted to Parsons? And are there any tips for my portfolio?

Anybody with relevant information, please inform me!
Thanx very much…

University of Sydney in Australia offers a Masters in Illumination Design.

I already found out that Sydney has this particular Masterprogram and I am also preparing its application procedure.
But Parsons is my first choice (because of NY) and because studying in the USA for me is very expensive, I am trying to find out as much as possible to know for sure I will fit within its course.

So anybody with information on Parsons or information on Light Design courses/Master programs … contact me!

is lighting included in ID at Parsons? I dont think they offer regular ID master degrees there. There aren’t many rankings / reputations for grad school for ID since it isnt so popular. I know Parsons undergraduate program in ID is considered overpriced and not very good – its a fashion school. Pratt has a masters in ID thats established and is also in NY.