parametric/ procedural pattern software

I’ve seen that the trend is using parametric/ procedural pattern on products.
Any recommendation software or workflow for this?

Very broad question, it depends on what you are trying to achieve. Off my head there are a bunch of different ways of achieving patterns:

-Manually created geometry
-Alias/Rhino have several surfacing tools that can be used to generate patterns, build NURBS geometry off illustrator curves, transform geometry around compound curvature, etc.
-Pro E can do parametrically driven geometry patterns
-Grasshopper for Rhino can build complex mathematical models
-Vendors are starting to use laser etching techniques on tooling that allow them to take complex 2D patterns and create them directly in the tooling, rather than on the CAD model.

If you have some specific examples you’re interested in it might help point in the right direction.

Thanks for the reply, I guess grasshopper is the only way for 3d pattern .
I found this super easy app Patternodes 3 - Parametric design and animations
Vectoraster 8 - Custom vector halftones, gradients and animations
too bad its only mac, anyone know equivalent app on windows?