Parametric Design in Products

Does anyone know some cool products that has been parametric designed? I know parametric can be taken real broad but I mean (mostly organic shaped) designs that have been created via formulas with programs like Grasshopper. There are a lot of examples in architecture/lamps/chairs, but I was wondering if you people know other products within this style.

My old professor was deep in to that stuff. Think it started with minimal surfaces and developed to parametric (could be wrong though)

Cool :slight_smile: I like those porcelain space fillers:

I trying to learn it myself, but there is a bit of a learning curve. I hope I can get the software under control for my next project. Does anyone has experience with these sorts of designs and if so what software do you use?

I was searching the similar approach for a design…then bumped on this one…


n-e-r-v-o-u-s stuff is amazing and it is true product that is algorithm based.

Neri Oxman does a bunch of two color printed stuff, but art, not product based, in my opinion. Wired magazine print issue from a month or so ago was a great read.

This is more algorithmic as opposed to parametric. Grasshopper is the tool that has defined and changed the game. Older visualizing tools such as Povray and isofields will get you somewhere. Writing your own code is the most powerful option, although a serious learning curve.

Try to find the form and the logic as opposed to the novelty in this approach. Right now for the most part all I see in the resulting works is a fascination with the process and the newness of it, I see little that extends beyond that for the purposes of design. Art is another matter, beautiful shapes.

My take: That funky Voronoi truss stuff is hard to injection mold (undercuts galore). That isn’t an issue for architectural scale, or rapid-manufactured products, which is why those are the most popular applications for it. There also isn’t as much need for semi-open membranes like there is in architecture.

Still, I think there’s an awesome opportunity to use these tools for pattern/texture detailing on consumer products. You can seen the influence in a lot of Nike’s running shoes.