Parallel Channel Activated Carbon Air Filter

I’m working on a project and I’m looking for a manufacturer, preferably in North America, to help me out with a air filter application that utilizes parallel channel air flow because of a low static pressure of the fan I’m using.

Any have any experience in this field or can recommend any companies that do ?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Did you know that when you google “parallel channel air flow” your post is the number one hit?

In other words, what you talking about Willis?

Haha, I actually found some really cool shit. Purafil makes a new kind of carbon air filter that allows for a low static pressure… meaning the fan doesn’t have to be as strong to pull air through it resulting in some energy savings but the turbulent airflow through the channels still allows a significant enough dwell time for the carbon to absorb any chemicals in the air. It’s pretty neat.

Got it. Thanks.

I work with a water filtration company and hepa filters so I am of no use to your project. Good luck.