Paperboard problems

Doing a touch and feel children’s book which requires pretty thick paperboard (around 48pt). It’s about 8 pages, but half of those pages require an additional layer, so around 12-16 pages just to be safe. The problem I’m having is finding a suitable supplier-- As a student and thus this being a student project, I can’t really order 1000 sheets of something or 1000 books for the minimum order.

I’ve talked to several companies and am falling short on nearly every encounter trying to find a supplier who will supply me with a small order. Does anyone have an suggestions or paperboard companies they know would be happy to provide me with a small order?


What are the sizes of these pages? You may be able to get someone to give you scrap. You also may be able to get this at an art store craft store.


If it is just a mockup, I would grab a couple sheets of thinner chipboard and a can of super 77.

Try this place, they sell blank board books.