paper size

What size paper do most of you use to make your sketches on? 11X17? Larger smaller? and the next question, what kind do most use? vellum marker newsprint? thanks

I love paper napkins, especially when I am in a restaurant or cafe. I wish they would make a bound pad of napkin paper

that’s funny you said that… my flatmate bound paper napkins into a book for part of her senior thesis… she asked everyone to draw a self-portrait… it was fun and look great

dang thats are a really good idea…I would sell that idea…

8.5 x 11 usually, and usually bond paper or graphics 360. Sometimes I’ll go 8.5 x 14, that’s as big as my scanner is and I hate doing tile scans…

I use 14x17 trace. I don’t like tile scanning either but most of the time I can nail first try with the large scanner.

It’s easier for me to sketch more loosely using a large pad.

8.5 x 11 laser copy paper. spins nicely, fits into folders/binders/notebooks/manila files, etc, scanner size as yo said, and good for organizing thoughts (i usually have at most 2-3 ideas per page unless im doing super ‘abstract’ form exercises).

this might sound stupid, but i really like sketching on Industrial strength paper towel found in restrooms lol

i really like the dryness of it with juicy pens. its similar to the feeling to using dry markers on paper

just my preference :wink:

8.5x11/a4 laser copy paper for me.

i like loose paper. i cant do sketchbooks, as bound paper makes me too worried about making something crap i dont want to leave in the book. also with loose leaf, you can easier flip the page around, turn it over and use your previous drawings as underlays.

used to do large pads of newsprint in university, but the scanning issue as yo mentioned, makes it a pain in the a$$.