Paper Notebook

Anybody have suggestions on cool paperback notebooks to use for jotting down concepts and ideas on the go? I can go to michaels and just pick out a sketchbook but…need something that says designer and cool factor.

Field Notes, but I would think more about works for you and less what is “cool” to carry around.

May have to design my own then. I like how some of the sketchbooks work but not how they are presented.

Moleskine’s are classic and carry that cool factor when you add a few hacks to them…

Hacked Moleskine example

You can get paperback ones which are kinda neat, I used to rock a squared paper one which was cool for sketches and I carved out the shape of my memory stick in the bottom corner so it could live in there, what a geek!

need something that says designer and cool factor.

jeeeezzzo-pete … it’s what’s inside that says cool (as if that’s important), not what you carry. I bought end-rolls of newsprint, cut it to size, and bound it with corrugated cardboard and duct tape “bindings”, to sketch on because it was cheaper than Strathmore…

You wanna look like a designer, or be a designer… … . . ? has some nice stuff

I love the Pantone Universe notebooks, I’m on my third one already.

After years of sampling every offering, I’ve finally focused on two.

Bienfang NoteSketch Book, recycled, enables larger-format 8.5-11 thinking/sketching, Pages are half-lined, and deciding which to use is always a challenge-

Maruman Mnemosyne -182, double spiral-bound with perf-d pages, one side light grey grid, the other side blank, . . . choices! Maruman’s paper quality is butter-smooth tooth providing a positively fantastic feel for finer sketch qualities.

Oh man! who would have thought that i would get the riot act for wanting something cool and functional? TOTALLY get that its whats on the inside that counts! Oh man now i have that kids song going through my head…

Currently I carry the strathmore spiral bound recycled sketch book, a leather bound AE news print bound book that sucks to open but looks nice so i dont use it much, and a hard bound 9x12 notebook from strathmore. Have even used a plain old news print sketchpad 11X17 on several ocassions in the past. Love newsprint and blue pencil by the way. If there was a cool leather bound reloading news print sketchbook out there that would be cool.

Thanks guys for making sure my heart was in the right place.


Got any pictures? That sounds cool. I love newsprint but cant stand limited options found in the store…

You don’t have to make a notebook at all, because what you need already exists.

Bienfang 100 Parchment 14x17. Never fails me when I sketch both sides with 60% cool grays, Papermate M Flairs, and Razorpoint II’s.

Otherwise, for smaller stuff, I love Rhodia pads plus Razorpoint II. These things have super smoothe paper and they’re pretty cheap.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1006&bih=459&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=iw#q=rhodia+sketchbook&hl=en&sa=N&prmd=imvns&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&ei=i_yvTuOvE-iIsQLw8KWkAQ&ved=0CIEBEK0E&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=f099214307952858&biw=1006&bih=459