Paper for Sketching

There is a thread for what pens and pencils we prefer to use, but there isn’t anything for the paper. Personally I’ll sketch on whatever happens to be in front of me, napkins, envelopes, my hand, etc. But if I could choose, I’d get some Hammermill 28lb photocopy paper letter-size. Then I cut the sheets in half to a size of 8.5" x 5.5"

Combine that paper with a Paper Mate medium pen, and you’ve got the setup for some great sketching!

I usually get HP brightwhite plain paper.

When I was on internship last year, I would use the scrap that designers cut away from huge print outs. I trim them down to managable sizes and sketch on them. Since they are going to be scanned anyways, it didn’t matter. The head of ID was impressed… :laughing:

I usually do most of my work on computer even just for sketching. But I also like to use small handy sketch book for doing thumb sketches and note taking. I got this book at Barnes and Nobles for $6. It’s a bounded recycled heavy paper. It has tone and nice tooth on the surface. Good for light marker as well.