Pantone colours

Hey all,
Having trouble finding a decent ‘dark charcoal’ colour, for materials & for printing, logo treatment etc. Im using a TPX book at the moment and there doesnt seem to be a wide selection of dark greys, it kind of jumps from mid-grey to almost black.
It seems to be a really hard colour to pick. Im trying to specify 90% & 95% black now to see how that will come out.
Does anyone have favourite ‘dark charcoal’ pantone colours?
Are there any other ways to get an accurate colour?

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Check these out

Jet Set 19-5708 TPX
Nine Iron 19-3908 TPX
Licorice 19-1102 TPX

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Ok I’ll try those. Thanks.
Do you think its kosher to ask them to send swatches with the different colours?
I get really mixed results picking them out of that book, and now theres nobody upstairs to harrass for info…

yeah best way is to request leather, suede, synthetic swatches so you can tell the difference.

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