Pantone 485-C

What does the letter “C” mean?


yo got it. in pantone colors there are at least 4 different letter designations i know of-

C- coated
U- uncoated
M- matte
TP or TPX- Textile.


The designation refers to the type of material being printed.

Coated - Glossy, smooth paper
Uncoated - Dull paper with a tooth
Matte - Between coated and uncoated
Textile - Don’t know, never used it

Textile is just a different color system for fabrics. Has different number system than print colors.


just some reorganization of the colors I believe. new TPX number sare somehow classed according to tint, shade and hude having something to do with the 7 digits. cant remeber off hand the key to it and dont have my swatch book handy to pull it out.


Hey R, I’d love to know more about the baffling world of TPX. I use it daily, and get really frustrated trying to find a specific color in my swatchbook, as it isn’t organized numerically like the other Pantone books.