Pandora's Box

What do you reckon?


What purpose does fitting them all into a rectangular shape serve other than for convenient shipping?

It’s a fun idea, but it seems like the choice of magnets (which would be super expensive) conflicts with the design concept (cheaper shipping costs). I think it would be stronger if you figured out some materials/design changes to decrease weight and cost while still having a sweet design - that would go well with your box idea, IMO.

Pretty neat concept, but unless it was super-lightweight and cheap I don’t know that you could market them. My reasoning on this:

-When I arrange my furniture in the living room, it stays there. Furniture is heavy and I’m lazy, so I don’t like doing this often.
-Pandora’s box looks cool, but if I get it and the pieces are heavy, I know I’m never going to actually fold and unfold it, so it’s a bit of a waste
-By that same token, my doubts about me ever actually using this unique feature may be offset if the item is very affordable and comfortable. Then it becomes “Yeah it’s got this weird stacking feature I don’t use, but who cares, I got an awesome deal and I love the couch.”
-If it IS very lightweight, I could conceivably use the stacking feature. But I have to ask myself how often I’ve ever walked into the living room and said “you know, I really want to use this bit of floor for a little while.”

Honestly, shipping is the only real time I can see that stacking action being useful, BUT even then you’d have to be able to lift the combined weight of couch+table+chairs on and off the truck at once.

As someone who has moved many, many times, here’s a few things I’d love to see in furniture:

-Make it fit through a freaking doorway

-Give me somewhere to grab it easily–handles hidden on the underside?

-Please god make it light enough for me to get it up the stairs

But in all honestly, I think I’m a small minority in this regard. Most people don’t move enough or replace furniture enough for ease of transport to be a major selling point.

What is the market for this? Could it be modded for developing markets? Like India or Africa?
Would hotels that might want to limit space used when stored , but still have deployable furniture when they need it, be a good customer?

Thanks for the comments… i appreciate it.
how about the “magnetic healing capabilities”?

I mean no disrespect, but whenever I see a product advertising something like that the “bullshit!” light in my brain starts blinking and I keep walking.