palladium shoes

Anyone know what happened to Palladium (French I believe) shoes? I picked up a pair of white sneakers in SF a while ago (maybe +8 yrs) and I love them. I still wear them today but they are pretty damn beat up. When I went to replace them, it looks like they are only making boots now?

What’s the story?

Not sure if they were always, but they are a part of K-Swiss now. No idea what happened to the shoes, but they for sure are focusing on boots now. Could be since they are owned by K-Swiss, there is no need for them to make shoes as K-Swiss can focus on that. (Though Palladium right now does have its foot in some better doors.) It’s also a very small company. I think there is only 1 designer and 1 developer, so that could also be a bottle neck too. However, that may have changed since I last worked with them.

Are you plugging them for K-Swiss? They’re being reintroduced “selectively” in the US, which means they’ll take whatever they can get.

I’m not really a fan of Palladium, not the style or the quality, It’s always been a gimmicky commercial brand for the high street.

Are you sure? They’re a heritage brand - been around alot longer than you or I. The classic canvas boot is from 1947. They were showing at GDS - they had the cleated canvas boots and I’ve seen them at retail in Europe recently.

Plugging? Cant say I’ve ever heard that term. Anyone care to fill me in? (As in marketing/shilling for them?)

its funny you say that since I wanted to find more of them. I’ve never owned a pair of shoes that are as comfortable and held up as well after so many years of abuse.

Maybe that wasn’t the best way of putting it. I believe that they hold up well but what I can remember from the pair that I had 10 years ago was that the canvas qualities that they use weren’t great. Very thin, synthetic feel.

Am I sure about what?

Sure the boot may be from 1947 and they may be a heritage brand and that’s usually what makes it so gimmicky. They fail to ever make something new but always make a variation on their one successful product.

I’m wearing these Pampa Oxfords as I type. Definately not boots. They are on their website. I like them.

Chucks, Timberland, Keds, Vans, just saying y’know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly what I mean. Although I think Timberland and Vans are very different.

But chucks is a good example. I am perfectly fine with brands that make one good product but then they should just keep it that way or do a variation on it that they actually believe in. If you look through an All-stars catalogue it’s absolutely ridiculous to see how many ridiculous variations there are. Only to get every last dime possible. And Jack Purcell, great brand…and then they put out boat shoes with a smile slapped on the toe bumper. Bummer.

And I’m sorry to single out two Converse brands here. Don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes.

For not intending to, you sure did a lot of stepping. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make things right, and that work transformed that brand from $350 mil in sales to $2.2+ bil in sales. Y’all know I hate sales figures as an example of the effect of design, in this case it is more an indicator of brand strategy manifest through product. Just because you don’t like or understand it doesnt lessen it’s validity as that brand is experiencing growth in every segment and every region from retailers like Target up to Barney’s NY.

Also, if I’m reading your posts right, your POV is inconsistent. You discredit Paladium for focusing on boots and heritage product, and then discredit Converse for making variations.

Palladium is actually making a lot of variations. Or atleast they used to when I still used to see their product in shopping streets. They pretend to be all about authenticity and originality but factually their following every trend and fill up their line with silly extensions.

What I am commenting on here are decisions that are made in the boardroom, not the work of designers. It is not uncommon that the design team also doesn’t feel for it too much but it just needs to be done to grow revenue. Maybe I’m just a bit of a purist.

I remember Palladium from my teenage days. I always thought they were pretty cool.
They started popping up here and there in Sweden the last couple of weeks. I believe the reason to be that Palladium has collaborated with Weekday (home of the infamous Cheap Monday brand) on a couple of styles.

I don’t think though that ether party is in it for the long haul and that Palladium just needs some attention to get back into the game.

I dont know about ‘following every trend’. I didn’t understand where you were coming from on your posts, based on the fact that all i have ever seen from palladium at retail looked pretty focused, so i went to the website and again, they have a decent amount of sku’s considering they only have 3-4 patterns, but it all looks like its along the same feel and focused. Not like its all over the place.

Are you talking about their stuff in the states? maybe they have limited editions/collab stuff that i haven’t seen thats all over the place/trendy. I see the point you are making but just dont really see how it applies to palladium i guess.

I suppose AC will dislike this new collection from Keds:

I think that claiming these brands can’t extend based on their expertise is like saying Jeep can only make Wranglers forever.

Wow, I’ve been MIA for quite a while.

But yes indeed I’m not a big fan of these. Mostly because they just look like a quick job. (The high top with the perf is great. Why not! But the duck boot version is just ridiculous) And I’m really not against making variations on your shoe or many different shoe styles within one brand but there has to be something more to it. All too often there’s no thought behind it.