Painting on wall...


I want to paint a picture on my wall, in black and white; I like the American pin-up style.

Do you have any Ideas?

April :smiley:

overhead projector

love the pinup style. (vargas, etc.) do you have an original graphic or plan to do an existing illustration…?


named pinup as when the graphics originated they were often “pinned up” on a wall, in a garage, etc. mostly refers to a style of sexy girl pics.


Russian solidarity style posters from before ww1 < I would project this style painting on the wall… My favorite might be the johnny cash… or the hot black chick with the Afro poster… or the roller girl holding up her skates… < image 15 … the clash poster is bad ass for the wall.

I bought the roller girl painting today… The double wide painting of the roller girl holding the roller skates.

this painting or style would be great for projecting onto the wall and painting it.