how many of you guys use painter to render your sketches?

I use painter for quick renderings (just because i use it as a drawing program), but for tighter renderings, gravitate to photoshop.

IMO painter has too many shortcomings to make workflow efficient. Sometimes I wonder if they made features different just to be different, and couldn’t figure out how to make their features as powerful as photoshop.

Photoshop is much better for masks, paths, dodge/burn, colorizing, selecting, feathering, and on and on and on…

For sketching and nice line work though, painter is awesome.

thanks, let me ask you then can I do renderings with photoshop elements? are do you need the full version?

Sorry, can’t say I’ve used PS elements. If you have a copy installed already, try one of the PS rendering tutorials on this site

You don’t need much in PS to get started, and I wouldn’t be surprised if elements will get you on your way.