Painter Sketches

Has any one been using painter for rough sketches?

I’ve started usind Alias sketch in the past few weeks, sweet. I haven’t done anything on the side I can show yet though with it.

I’ve used it in the past just playing around for personal stuff. Its a rich program. My first impression was that it was definitly set up with a creative artist in mind. The overall GUI is easy to comprehend but, can get complicated when setting up brushes and textures. Just for sketching, its pretty easy. For a full blown rendering, it might get more complicated. I didn’t continue using it because I am already using AutoStudio and PhotoShop at work. I don’t need to add yet another tool set to my arsenal. Its fun to play with though. I used the free download to play around with. Just as good as PhotoShop. Better and worse in some areas though. I definitly recommend trying it. You never know. What works for one person might not work for another and vice versa.

Have fun and good luck.

I’ve been using painter to sketch in for about 3 months now and REALLY love it. Its easy to just crank through ideas, start up another layer with more, or just overlay the roughs. It also works well in the refinement stage and your sketching over CAD screenshots to communicate your idea.

That said, i still use pen and paper as well because there’s something about the way ideas come out that just works…

Alias Sketch is good. Kinda like “digital paper” is a good way to look at it. If you use the program that way, it is all good. Just don’t come in expecting to do things like you would in PS. :smiley:

i agree, alias sketchbook is pretty fun, and can a good tool to “rough out” ideas but it is pretty difficult to get something to look presentaion ready, though i have seen people do some insanely good work.

i also used the trial version of painter ix, and that is a sweet program i would definitely recommend trying it out it is far better for sketching and quick renders than either alias sketch or PS.