Painter 9 samples

If anyone is using the Painter 9demo post sketches here , Just a quick sketch this afternoon

For me, it’s not the software. I still can’t totally get used to tablet. It just cannot simulate the friction of paper.

I thought of laying a piece of paper to get the same friction, but the thought of wearing the nib away quicker than it should stops me from trying.

BTW that’s a really nice sketch!

looks nice…would like to see it in color, painter 9? is it out yet…i have painter 8, still trying to get used to it and wacom tablet, any tips that could speed up the process, like what are the best bruches and numbers for light sketching, and then shading?? i am trying everything.

but anyways nice sketch, I will try and get that demo…

Painter 9 will be out at the end of the month I believe. The brushes are 2-10 times faster- that is a very percievable difference to me. I have been able to use the more artistic brushes in renderings as opposed to the Digital Airbrush.
I dont know what to say about the feel of paper. i guess that I have just got used to the stylus and pad. this will probably be the extent of this sketch. It did turn out nice. I sketched it with Color Pencil and that really loosened up the quality of my sketch style.