"painted" rendering style

I’ve been seeing many digital renderings in a way that looks like it has been acrylically painted.

Does anyone know how to apply this effect on renders?

Kaiyuan, why don’t you post a few links to the style you are referring to and you may get some feedback?

Actually I did and no one replied for over a week, so I took the pictures down because I thought I might have “used someone elses work” without their permission. O_o.
Well here are some examples

by "gousmanovADIM "

by “fogarasi”

those are some examples.

The first looks like it could be sketchbook or photoshop, just using a mix of the soft faded airbrush and harder solid shapes that have the opacity lowered either on the layer or the brush. When you layer them over each other, it gives you that watercolor/marker look.
The second one looks like it might’ve been done in painter where you can choose a paper pattern that will subtly show up in your strokes along with the gazillion brush choices they have available.

They have a paper pattern in painter?
I have Painter X and I’ve found a tool that it just like the painted effect ( I think it’s some knife or whatever, I’ll check later) but it only goes vertically, not horizontally.

Is there a way to make it unvertical?

I think your best bet would be to look at some concept artist work, they are by far the best at rendering in a painterly style.

Feng zhu
kang le
craig mullins

those are just a few you could google and get some ideas.