*Paint application/ materials consultants*

Does anyone have a lead for Consultant that is focused on paint and coatings sourcing, application, matching, and trouble shooting? Experience in China is a plus.



Chris Frank

Industrial Design Architect
Sun Microsystems

14 Network Circle MS MPK14-102
Menlo Park, CA 94125
phone 650 786-7769
fax 650 786-0378

you might start with;


go > “Clinics” tab, then > “Specific Question for a Columnist”

As an aside, what is the job description of an Industrial Design Architect? This is the first time I have encountered the profession.

Is it, quite literally, an architect involved in the development of architectural products?


Lew Morris

not exactly a consultant but my friend in iran has a computer wholesale operation and coats his dvd/cd roms to match other equipment. like he coats a sony to match an LG monitor. he sources it to a guy that does this by matching the colors.
i don’t know anyone in particular in CA but there should be someone who does this if you want to go local. otherwise your best bet would be to just go straight to china and find an experienced guy who does this.