Paid Internship?

What are the chances of getting a paid internship? I am currently taking online classes and would like to leave my current job and move close to my school. I have a family so I need the job security I have. Is a paid internship a possibility or would it be more realistic to get a non design related full time job ?

Your chances are probably equivalent to that of a ball of frozen precipitation in the inner core of the earth…

actually two of my three were paid, and actually paid well, so they are out there.

It’s going to be very difficult. (very)

It depends on how you look at things.

Times like these are when I find the challenge the most fun. The are no problems, just opportunities.

Or… “its too hard, nevermind”

It is possible, good luck.

I dont know how things differ in the States, but most internships over here I’ve seen are paid, paid badly, but usually enough for a place and food.

it really depends on what level of internship you are going for. the better the studio, the worse the money. That is my experience.

if you are some CAD monkey in a big company, you probably will get paid because the system is set up that way… but if you are looking for a intimate, high-end designer… chances are, he wont pay you but you are part of all his projects.

So I see it more like this, it is just a little like school, a learning experiences, not a job!

I agree I would love to do it for the experience. If I were single I would have no hesitation to just quit and move. I suppose I just need to find any job go there and fit in internship and studio bumming where I can.