Paid for PT MBA or out of pocket FT MBA?


I thought I’d ask the community about a little conundrum I’m having.

The company I work for offers to pay for MBA studies part-time at a 2nd tier school and requires 2 years of work post-graduation. This would mean me staying where I’m at for at least 5 years.
On the hand, I could quit and go to a full-time program and a 1st tier school but have to pay for it myself on top of loosing 2 years worth of income. Going to the FT program would mean a better school with better networking opportunities, but as mentioned saddling myself with debt once again…

What are your thoughts?

I’d go Full Time if you can swing it. I’m assuming Carlson or St Thomas… both would probably provide much better employment opportunities post-graduation just because of the school. I often wonder about those 2nd tier schools and just how much good they do on your resume.

An MBA these days seems to have as much to do with the fact that you got it, as it does where you got it. MSB School of Business just doesn’t seem like it would do much for you.

And its only a year. Are you married? Kids? If you’re on your own, then cut back, eat ramen, and go back for the big one.

My opinion anyway.

If I was on my own then it would be a no-brainer. But I’m married with a newborn. complicates the matter somewhat.

The PT MBA would be at Carlson - the FT is between Anderson (UCLA) and Haas (Berkley). It’s just sooo much money.

And I also really like where I’m working now and don’t necessarily want to quit.

I know how that goes, just had my second 3 weeks ago.

I’d do Carlson then. Honestly, its a good program (sure, it’s no UCLA, or Harvard…) and most large local companies that pay for MBAs send their employees there, so there’s a lot of opportunity for networking there.

Stay away from the noose of education debt. You will regret it!!

I had my MBA paid for by my employer and then they sold our division a few months after graduation - which erased the 1 year stay obligation. Timing is everything…

Go for the freebie unless you have a big box of money.