Packing Density

Hey guys,

just yesterday I came across a great example of a complex solution to improve packing density
of the goods that are to be transported. The solution includes both:

  • Change of the transportation device.
  • Adaption of the good that is to be transported.

The obvious aim was to save some dollar in the process as a tight cost control was implemented to reach
a fixed goal. This time the goal was to bring a compact car to market for not more than 2.000$ in order to
keep the prices low at the especially hard fought west coast.

Detroit did that: Vert - a - Pack:

Normal railroad transport for intermediates:

They were able to pack 30 instead of 18 VEGAS on one railroad cart. Quiet an achievement me thinks.

  • Does any one know when and why GM reverted to the “normal” transport system?

Do you have additional examples of clever design improving packing density out of your industry?

Within the first oil crisis years it was obviously very neccessary to save a penny on oil. Nowadays we are even
keener on any kind of savings in transport cost. So there should be many more examples of today?

All the best.

yours mo-i