Packaging materials


I was curious if anyone had suggestions for packaging materials. I am making a new consumer product and I’d like to use robust, inexpensive and good looking packaging.

For the inside, I noticed that some companies (apple, brookstone) are switching to egg carton material from styrofoam. Does anyone know of anything better or perhaps the downfalls of using this type of material?

Does anyone have recommendations for getting a good print job for the color exterior of the box? I was thinking I’d like a nice smooth matte finish.


My advise…

Hire a packaging designer…

There is a lot to know about packaging. Besides the graphics, there has to be consideration for damages when loaded onto / off of a container / out to retailers, how to best advoid shipping too much air, temperature constraints, costing, etc, etc.

It is best to consult a professional…

Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to hire a packagining designer. Any other advice?

I agree. It would be wise to hire a packaging designer or even better a Pkg Scientist. There are a lot of Pkg materials out there and in order for you to create a cheap package with all the things you seem to want (Matte finishs and compressed formed paper board are some pretty expensive options) you are really going to need someone who knows what they are doing.

I’d be willing to look into this but don’t have much funding. Can you recommend anyone?

You might want to visit some trade shows depending on your timing and geography. You can learn a lot from speaking with suppliers.

One show with a broad range is Eastpack. It’s in the Javits in NYC from June 6-8.

Another Javits show later in the year is the HBA Expo, from June 14-16, although it leans heavily on health and beauty packaging.

I hope this is helpful.

…many suppliers can design and test your package design for you…get them on board early…validation testing can take some time.