Packaging Graphics Deformation

I guess this might be more of a software question…

I want to print graphics onto sheet stock and then form it, but I don’t want the graphics to end up all deformed and stretched out. Is there any software to pre-distort the graphics, so that they remain proportioned after forming?

I think the packaging industry might deal with something like this for bottle wraps, etc.

Otherwise; does anyone know of a forming process or material that won’t distort the graphics if they’re printed normally? Substrate will be about 0.1mm-0.5mm clear PET or equivalent, with no undercuts during forming (pretty much just vac forming).


Not really sure what your question is… If you are using shrink material you will need to look at the characteristics. You will also neet to set up a distortion map. This will vary depending on what you plan on putting you shrink around. Google shrink distortion maps and you can get a better under standing. I haven’t done on in a long time but I can tell you that depending on you shape it can be very hard to get the to match up.

yes - distortion map software sounds like what I’m looking for. I just tried searching but didn’t have much luck. I was thinking of printing a grid pattern onto the substrate and then measuring how much it distorts - is that what you mean by distortion map?

I’ve submitted the same inquiry to Eastman - I’ll post any information I find on this. Please let me know if anyone else has any ideas.

much appreciated

Yes this is what I am refering too. That will allow you to see how you need to distort your graphics.