Packaging Dictionary

I found this and it reminded me of a post that was put up about what a SUP (stand up pouch) was. I thought this would be a great resource to all that may need definitions for some of the confusing packaging lingo out there. There is more than I have ever even heard of in here. Just thought I would pass it on. Enjoy!!

Woooo, handy. Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

Very Helpful. Thank you!


Very nice,­ thank you for sharing this.

Oh my god I am pulling my hair out trying to remember what these little thingies are called…you know the little plastic (sometimes cardboard) brackets that are used on the back of the packaging underneath twist ties in kids toys to reinforce the cardboard?

That’s very handy post. I needed that dict:) Thanks for posting it here:) :smiley:

Wonderful. Thank you. You helped me.