Packaging design request from an undergrad

Hello all,

I am currently working on a project that requires me to redesign a 1-quart spray bottle. My request is to see if there is anyone in the packaging design industry that could help me by providing a 3d model (compatible with Solidworks) of a trigger spray screw-on top for my reference.

Note that my request is merely for research on the associated part tolerances and construction and would not be used for any other reason.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Keith

Shouldn’t you just model that on your own? Shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two…

I agree. If you’re an undergrad, this is the time to learn. Building these models yourself is part of that learning experience.


I actually have a ton of packaging work piling up on my desk, is there anyone that could take that on for me too… for free? Thanks in advance!!!

Me!! Me!! Ohhh-ohh! Pick me!

First post and already asking for free work. Nice.

try contacting this company and seem where you get


Maybe one of these is compatible?

For SolidWorks models, I go here:


Hey guys, let’s be helpful here. I don’t think the OP was looking for free work. Just a model of the trigger for reference, the same way others here have asked for a human figure, or some other stock part for reference or use in a model.

Let’s keep it constructive.


Helvitical: Welcome to the boards.

I’m sure there is someone with a model of this assembly, but the reality is, it all belongs to our employers. Therefore, we can’t send it to you.

The benefit of this is that you have a great opportunity to learn. Go by a bottle of windex and pull that assembly apart. Notice how the parts are molded, the assembly is held together. Try to imagine how the process goes.

Even today, I have to model existing parts for some of my assemblies. It is rare that I don’t learn something new from it.

Good luck!

I agree here. I have plenty of models of generic packaging that I have had to model on my own. It is a way to learn and grow as a designer. Also asking us to do it for you will not get you far.

Perhaps the exception to the rule is if you’re looking for a prop for a rendering. I’m working on an accessory for a bike and was looking for a Solidworks model of a mountain bike that I could use as a prop. I REALLY don’t want to spend the time modeling a whole bike. I probably won’t learn too much by the process either (after using SW for over 10 years). I was just looking for a shortcut to get to a rendering. Never found a good SW model. Only 3DS Max files that didn’t convert to SW worth a damn.

I agree with the opinions that a student could learn a lot by modeling a core component of his/her project. It also demonstrates initiative.

LOL…this is to good to be true…Maybe next time you can write your question in CAPS :wink:

But seriously. Go out and buy a spray bottle, dissect it (redesign it), sketch how you would build up the parts and then model them yourself You don’t get good in what you do buy slacking of. It’s by doing more than what is asked. Raising the bar for yourself…

Students these days… So spoiled with the internet and yet they keep asking for more

good luck…

Give the OP a break. He’s designing the bottle, not the screw/spray top. Although yes, as designers we have to ask “why does it have to have a spray top”?

Compatible with SW will be the problem though - as somebody said, google ‘free 3d models’ and you’ll find some Hungarian guy who probably has done a few dozen spray bottles. Most likely they will be in 3D studio max or some polygon format.

I poach stuff from the Google SketchUp library a lot too. Very low res but good enough for visual representation.

But…if you really need to research “associated part tolerances and construction” the best thing is get a measuring tool (ruler, calipers, 3D scanner) and buy a bottle of your favorite gunk, and investigate.

BTW blow molded bottles are pretty darn hard to model in SW.

Great advice :wink: Sorry for wooping your ass a bit helvetica but I thaught you needed some :neutral_face:

I am insanely jealous of your screen name though.

Agreed. Plus, with all the time spent searching, you probably could have built it by now! If it is just for a render, no need to model it obsessively. A few key measurements of the exterior and I bet you could mock it up in an hour.

take it apart, scan the parts, trace