Pack Expo in Chicago

Anyone going? I will be there Monday the 29th, probally going off on my own most of the day I would like to see some things the others in the group may not be interested in.
Also if you would like to meet up, let me know.

I’ll be there Monday and Tuesday. PM me with your contact info and we can meet up. It would be great if others were available as well.

Good, I will do that.

Anyone else?

Won’t be there this year had to prioritize my shows this year. Went to Fuse and IDSA.

BOOO!!! :smiley: I’m signing up to IDSA this coming year. So maybe I’ll see you out at the next conference.

Be nice to go to those, and rejoin IDSA, just not in the budget.

Anyways, anyone else going? Speak up!!