Pac NW / Portland Rapid Prototyping ??

Hey Gang-

So I’m a pretty die-hard DIY’er but even I must concede some things are better left in the hands of professionals. At this point in my project, I’m looking for a rapid prototyping service to produce a handful of small pieces used to form the core component of a sand cast aluminum mold. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for services in the Portland, OR. or greater Pacific Northwest? I’d prefer to keep it local, but I’m back n forth to Seattle frequently. Also, I’m pretty clueless to the costs involved although I have worked with machine shops many times before. So a ballpark as to what to prepare for would be appreciated. Lastly, here are some example images similar to what I’m hoping for:


If you’re interested/willing to make it up to Vancouver, BC…my landlord is a top notch patternmaker for sand casting.

awesome! thanks for the tips.

Moeller Design in Seattle is outstanding for RP/SLA and Urethanes:

I’d also check out ProtoTechnologies in Spokane area:

If you want a Tier-One CNC Modelmaking/Prototyping vendor that specializes in ID and Product Design you should visit Concept Reality in Vancouver/Portland area:

Have fun!