Pablo`s 2D rendering

All pics rendering by adobe Illustrator.

those are awesome, especially the polo -

alot of designers use Corel Draw in China - have you tried it? If you have, how do you feel it compares with Illustrator?

Just asking because it seems like Corel has a dominant position here, and I was wondering why…

and again, nice stuff

I love CorelDraw & I’m in the US. I have Illustrator too but the interactivity between other programs with CorelDRAW is great. I think it caters more to engineering.

i saw these elsewhere. excellent work. maybe we can get a WIP thread out of you sometime.

WIP??Whats WIP?Whats means?sorry,my english is poor.

yep,Corel has a dominant position in China,Illustrator more often be used in graphic design.
I also like graphic design early,so I always studying and doing AI.I think AI is more complex,and be combined with photoshop better.

WIP → Work In Progress.