P o r t f o l i o C o m m e n t s ?


Was wondering what you guys thought of my portfolio…


Also, any views on the status of the job market in the US for potential oversees designers would be really handy,

Comments, tips and info welcome frome anyone,

Look forward to hearing,


Damn, I love Glasgow… I was a part of one of the Lighthouse events in ’99, and everything was wonderful and perfect…the city, Lighthouse, designers…the worst Italian food I’ve ever eaten… You do great work there, guys…I was really impressed back then.

Chris, you have some nice, thoughtful and sensitive stuff, but what’s up with the sketches? It’s all Rhino, Rhino, Rhino…

yeah i remeber seeing you flaoting chair when i cam to look round the degree show…nice stuff.

you need some sketches on there it looks a bit dry…maybe some decent photos of your models aswell.