P o r t f o l i o C o m m e n t s ?


Was wondering what you guys thought of my portfolio…


Also, any views on the status of the job market in the US for potential oversees designers would be really handy,

Comments, tips and info welcome frome anyone,

Look forward to hearing,


The woven reading chair is by far your strongest piece, the backpack is nice too. The “Erotic” bottle opener is a bit suggestive when you give it that title (some might take offense), however I see another use for it. It already has about the same proportion of a box of tissues, if you scaled it up to that size and laid it on a stack of tissues from the box it would function very similar to that other ring tissue dispenser design. At least that’s what I thought of when I first saw it. Pull the tissues through the opening. Other than being suggestive, it is a nice form.

Your lounge chair is interesting, good that you explained the history of the piece, however, if you can I would add a more realistic texture than the preset one for the wood. Try scanning in a piece of wood and wrapping it on the model and scale it properly. I would also try to give the wood more of a shine with some more interesting lighting. I think the form is indeed pretty interesting to look at.

The gum target is a fun idea, I like it, nice editing, shows off some of those skills. You might want to look into city ordinances about gum spitting. I think one of the reasons it’s frowned upon is that birds can die from ingesting it.

Other than that, nice stuff :slight_smile:

I like the innovations involved with your designs, challenging the users expectations.

Gravitas chair is an interesting concept but perhaps the form could use more refinement. I don’t see the subtlety or sensitivity I see in the bottle openner design, on the chair.

Over all, I like your designs.

Good job, fella! Nice work. The backpack is a really need concept, and the bottle opener is sweet looking, but probably lacks a little intuitiveness. Then again, bottle openers in general don’t look too awful purposeful. They are a real trial if you are drunk…

Anyhow, I’m perplexed on the lounge chair. Must say I stared at it for a while trying to figure it out… It left my brain hurting. Are the cables actually steel rods that APPEAR to be cables? Very interesting concept. Build it!! I love it.

The gum target is interesting as well. Can you imagine how disgusting that thing would be after a few days? I would recommend making it out of teflon-impregnated polyethelene so that NOTHING would stick to it. Maybe have an irrigation system integrated into it that would rinse away gum automatically and trap it in a near-by recepticle.

That’s my 2 cents.

What a coincidence, I frankly live in Indonesia, and I did make a rattan chair, for my school project. Have you made the chair’s construction. I can help you, if you really gonna make that chair.
By form, it is sleek look of your “erotica” whay didi you name it that anyway? I like the gum target, altough it shoul be done more like a “target”. I like most the bag, very stylish for this era. nice neat work!

Nice work, I think it would be a lot stronger if you showed some process and maybe some inspiration images.

good stuff though.