P-O-P Discussion Board

I was wondering what it would take to get a Point of Purchase area in the Special Interest Areas category.

How much time is involved it being a moderator? I think I’d be willing to bet some money that I know more about this industry or as much about this quirky industry as anybody.

Not too many IDers respect the industry or even know too much about it. The Retail Marketing is a growing $17 billion industry which is a big chunk of design opportunity! I’d like to shine some much needed light onto an industry that I’ve always thought was pretty cool.

Also, I’ve been addicted to the Core77 boards for so long, I’d like to be a part of it.

I’d be all about the POP branch of the design industry getting more recognition on this site!

Almost all of my graduating ID class (as well as a good chunk of those before and after us) ended up going into POP design. But on core, POP doesn’t even have it’s own category for job searches.

So, yeah. I’ll join the revolution!

red haired step child of industrial design … its just as serious as ID, though its not as cool, IMHO. Im in the field, i never get to use injection mould process, i wish i did but the industry is way too quick to spend so much time in detailed mould process. Everything is expected yesterday, so yes i do envy those who sit and think sketch a lot before coming to an end result. I usually work on 3-4 deadlines a day… :frowning:

FYI, POP design is included in the Branding, Packaging and Retail design forum.


hey thanx rkuchinsky.
It’s been a few years since I’ve been on core77. It’s cool to see this section added. I’ll have to check it out to see what other awesome stuffs are in here now.

Yup, that is where most of us POP/POS/Packaging kids hangout. Looking forward to you joining some of our discussion. :smiley:

<<< feels the pain also :frowning:

On a plus side, no one gets to see so much of their work in a store more than a POP designer :slight_smile:

Packaging designers do. :wink:

But they’re almost the same thing basically. :mrgreen:

For all you P.O.P.eople out there,

How is business going where you’re at? Seeing any changes or shifts in your workload or in the industry in general?

I’ve started to see a slight shift with some of our clients specifically asking us to NOT mess with overseas sourcing. They have begun to ask for domestic manufacturing only. This isn’t a widespread mentality (yet), but it’s certainly welcome!

In terms of quantity of work it has certainly been busier for me this year compared to the first quarter last year… I think I’m about 75% up in terms of hours billed. The first 3 months of last year were dire, I got very worried indeed, but the rest of the year was busy, I think all the companies were reigning things in to see what happens.

So far as overseas production goes, up here in Canada it is typically only ever sourced locally because the quantities involved in store roll outs here are far less than in the States so it doesn’t always make it economical. Having said that I do know a few projects that are coming from China… I haven’t heard anyone specifically ask for it to be made hear though.