Own handwriting font

Otherday…I was reading the discussion about “WHAT YOU STILL WRITE BY HAND?”

I was thinking in other way…Why not having your own font/handwriting …which is used for personal online interaction (Facebook. Family& friends email)?

Then, I found this site http://www.yourfonts.com where you can create your handwriting font.

the idea is nice…However, it needs little extension of storing online or even embed in the application (offline).

This definitely should have a option of regular system fonts…
( I know few…having illegible handwriting :wink: )

Your handwriting records on online…It will stay forever.

It can be used for hand writing analysis…

ex. if your handwritten “t” looks like this…then you are creative person…
our pie chart shows that there are 50 % are artist …20 % are designer …blah blah…etc
It may be helpful to someone to decide their path… :wink:


… a “font”, by definition, isn’t hand written.

But, let’s say, having established your very own “hand-writing font”, how could you justify using it, when your actual “hand written” words do not resemble it (or at least only minimally)?

I use a handwriting font for “marking up” renderings and layouts in PPT. I started making my own at one point, but stopped and ended up just downloading a big pack of them. (As an aside, it’s funny looking through them and being able to tell almost instantly if they were created by man or woman) It actually adds a tiny sprinkle of humanity into the day to day drudgery of PPT. Everything that leaves the office gets the corporate font of course, but it’s a nice diversion.

Not a fan of these unless very well done by a real type foundry. Cheap/free ones have no ligatures and use the same letter form repeatedly so a word like “see” will have two identical "e"s which is unnatural. Links between letters that are normal in real handwriting are not often in these “fonts”.

Might as well use comic sans…


[gasp] Never…

This can be OK in uppercase for some ID

For a while I had an “architect” font that I was really enamored with using… Similar to this one: Identifont - Prov Architect NDP

I think I eventually came to the conclusion that it was easier just to use my own sloppy handwriting.