Overt Kickstarter Self Promotion

I’m back in school again, this time for a MFA, and I’ve seen the discussion of whether or not many people think that’s a great idea, but regardless, I’m enjoying it,

Last semester I developed a board game, with what I think is a less common game dynamic, and I put it up on Kickstarter at the urging of some friends.

Since I’ve been commenting here for the last 5-6 years and consider some of you to be friends or at least digital acquaintances, I wanted to share this project. If you know anyone who’s really into board games that great, but regardless it’s something I’ve worked on lately.




nice prototype! Is there a vid explaining the gameplay?

Thanks! There really ought to be, but not currently, I haven’t been able to make time for that. Upward and onward to the next project I suppose.

Ideally a video would show that the inside of the board turns, changing the context of the game play during the game, for instance the board has two states, in that there is a climbing mode in which climbers are safe from most danger and can see their camps and summits, while when the disc within the board rotates 45 degrees, players are exposed to the dangers inherent to mountain climbing, avalanche, rock slides etc. until the board rotates back again. Additionally, your goal moves forward away from you as you play, and you cannot always see where you are going, sort of like on a mountain.

Nice dude. Love the ‘dynamic’.

A thought I had for you: since it doesn’t fold up it’d be nice if it ships flat. Maybe some cut outs to fit the dice into to keep it as low pro as possible. Or save yourself ten cents and don’t include dice at all. Everyone has a set of dice, call it Eco and make it a marketing claim.

I think it’s really cool, good luck.

yeah, sort of along the lines of the the “cheap ass games” company a few years back. They just gave you the boards and cards and told you to steal the dice out of the old monopoly game in your basement.

Oh boy, its just screaming for a video demo though. It could be a slick Flashy interactive looking thing, or a Charles Schwab-like rotoscope effect, or even two or three REI’d kids sitting cross legged around the board game, rolling dice, cheesy voiceover and scratchy film and all.

Its a cool concept for a game though.