Overseas Injection-molder

I’m currently looking for an Asian supplier for a three-piece handle my company has developed. Nothing fancy, but it’s small and the tooling and manufacturing here in the US is just too high. Most of our products are made here, but this part is not quite our “thing.”

Looking at 100K units per year. Overmold. Polypro.

Could any of you recommend a place?

I’d like to get three quotes and only have one thus far.

there ya go outsource it usa too expensive shop around more and quote for aluminum tooling at those vols.

Thanks for the alibaba link. Seemed to be thousands and thousands of existing products available (cool), but I’m trying to get my own design produced.

Yes, I’m looking at aluminum tooling and production from a place in california as well. Just want to see all of my options. There’s a lot to consider when outsourcing, like the fact that your parts can sit at a dock awaiting customs for weeks.

Isn’t the hardware show coming up? They always have a ton of vendors in the secondary spot in the McCormick Center in Chicago. Don’t know if they’ll have it there this year. I don’t think aluminum tooling will hold up to 100,000 cycles a year with overmold. You’ll need to go steel. Your product will sit at customs (more so lately) but tooling is still very cheap and the Chinese work very fast. They’ll also throw in tool maintainance where they don’t do that here. Chinese vendors also have in house engineering and CAD resources in house to help with any issues, generally free but don’t overuse their generocity. Build in 6 weeks on the water (plus customs - another 2?) or you can fly in pilot lots to work in tandem on field work, testing etc… Another consideration is that plastic prices are the same for everyone in the world, so depending on the size of the product, number of pieces, and the amount of hand work (paint, assembly, etc), the numbers may work out to do it in the states. If a lot of labor needs to go into it, do it in Asia.

Just out of curiosity, why Asia?

Yes, their tooling and piece prices are extremely low, but are you looking at the big picture?

My dealings with China on plastic parts have been nothing but disatrous. No active cooling lines in the molds, using wrong materials and missed shipments seem to top the list.

Getting them to admit they didn’t follow directions/prints and make them fix problems at their expense is also a huge problem as well.

Finally, lead times are ridiculous some times.

Honestly, the only way I would consider Asia for plastic at this point is if I had my own people over there and owned the factory myself. Outsourcing to an unknown vendor involves too much risk.

True why go to Asia? If you can afford to have it made here in the USA and forgo the bigger profit you will make, then having it “Made in the USA” is the route to go. More power to you. It’s great that you will be helping the American economy and the people. But look at the bigger picture.

It’s unfortunate that you didn’t have good experience with a manufacturer in China (and I’m sure you’re not the only one) but if that’s the case with every manufacturer over there, then NO ONE would have products made in China. There are always a bad apple in every batch. There are many reputable manufacturers in Asia just need to find the right one.

As lead time goes, you have to think about their holidays too. If you want the product delivered during their New Year celebration, that ain’t gonna happen even if you go there and knock on their door. And don’t forget the LANGUAGE BARRIER!!! people seem to forget that English is not spoken in every country! Go to Paris or Montrial, Canada and see if they’ll speak to you in English. And they’re just across the border.

You don’t want to find a manufacturer yourself? Then hire a US company that reps Asian manufacturers. They charge a % base on the quantity of your order and they’ll make sure the manufacturer makes it right. But just like in any business, you have to find a reputable US rep. otherwise, they can also take your money and run.

And to me, this is just a small part of the bigger picture.

Although you’re looking for overseas…I would give these guys a shot. Cycra.com They are a team of ID guys that do large in house manufacturing runs, they might give you a sweet deal because you’re a designer. Just tell um Lee sent you, it might help.

That’s because of your mistake to choose a wrong partner. You need to do enough home work. Good deals are always there. If you want you men everywhere, I wonder how mcuh more you have to pay.