Outsourcing Your Job

Apparently some dude outsourced his job. As in, got hired at a company for $X and then outsourced all his work to a Chinese company for 1/5 $X.

It’s being called a scam.

I call it ingenuity.

What do you think?

Pretty awesome. In a way it’s not morally that much different then corporations hiring design consultants.

But logistically, the scam portion comes into play when no one knows you’re doing it, you’re exposing sensitive company information to a 3rd party without the proper legal/IP protection in place, etc.

I totally agree. If it was my employee, I would fire them, but pat them on the back out the door…then go and hire the company that was doing their work :smiley:

not a scam, he is now management with a very cost effective division…something most of you are striving to become…laud his innovative solution.

Or he just flows down the street and takes all your clients from you…competition its not just a breakfast food.

Oh yes and we KNOW nda’s are rock solid and nobody ever talks to anybody else…ever. LOL

If he would have been a tiny bit more open about it, I would argue that they shouldn’t fire him. If he had done a few more preliminary steps to make his process a little more transparent, I’d say he deserves a raise.

He performed many duties that other developers couldn’t; quality control, management, keeping a tight timeline, not to mention… “even being hailed the best developer in the building: his code was clean, well-written, and submitted in a timely fashion.”

Innovators commonly look stupid or crazy in the beginning. I give him thumbs up (if only he was a little more open).

Well, that’s the rub, right? He was hired to do the job as an employee, not a contractor. I am not sure what/if there are any tax implications. Especially if we’re talking tax credits, or other such things.

The part that is off putting (as am employer) is that he’s taken on 5 other jobs at the same time.

It makes for a very interesting discussion of ethics.

You know what I mean zippy. If I disclose X to one of our consultants, they know that their career, reputation, and future business with the company would be at stake, not to mention the legal ramifications if they got caught leaking information. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but they know not to be “Sloppy” about it. The last person in our building who got caught leaking info (an early sales slide to a tech blog) was promptly caught and fired on the spot.

I know what you mean, however in my experience tracking down who/when/how the leak came about is rarely as cut and dried as in your example and so the legal threat only works on people who would not intentionally leak in the first place.