Outerwear / Footwear Workshops

All - I’m looking for any recommendations on workshops / classes / continuing education related to fabrics and footwear.

I know there are several fundamentals courses offered through NC State University for textiles, various sewing classes out there, and a mix of footwear workshops like the Shoe Surgeon.

If there are any recommendations for domestic shows / workshops / courses to take that would be awesome - always looking to improve the craft.


Jim, this is for bags, but it might be of interest: CANVASWORKER® – The Brown Buffalo

One of our cut & sew shops is about a 45-minute drive. I typically require the technical R&D folks to send time there every year. The collaboration between us and them is invaluable to both.

Wow, I took this class in public school seventh grade Home Economics.

helpful Sean… :slight_smile:


posted before the fifth cup of coffee - never do that

Do design schools even offer sewing technique courses? I understand there’s much much more to it, than could be taught in 7th grade.

This group is affiliated with the UW here in Seattle, could ask them questions.

A good recent interview with a guy running his own operation, with many details on the fabrication aspect.

RIT has a softgoods studio on a continuing basis now.

Also try:


Thanks for the links. These are good places to start and I’ve talked to a few of them, including Pensole for developing a prototyping area in house.

I know its a stretch but my wishful thinking is that I can find a place that can offer a manufacturing quality/level workshop…

Sew/tape a 3L rain jacket
Build a jacket in 3D (i.e Clo / Browzwear) and conduct a fit trial/ tweak in CAD
Take a pair of athletic sneakers from pattern development through sampling in a hands on workshop
Advanced 3D garment knitting.etc

Just looking for ways to elevate the skillet beyond current factory visits, communication, and in-house prototyping capabilities.