Outerspace design

Is there any public or private organization that work on the “design” for outerspace? Mostly engineering, human factor oriented? There used to be a private consultancy- moonfront in SF bay area. I think they had to close the business or change their plan. But I believe IDer’s can contribute great “innovative” service in this sector.

Is there any one interested, doing or know someone in this field of work?

Is there any public or private organization that work on the “design” in aerospace?

Of course. Virtually every aircraft manufacturer does.

Walter Dorwin Teague’s Aviation Studio was the earliest (to my knowledge) starting in 1945-46. They were/are interior design consultants to Boeing for the Stratocruiser on through the 787. The company is known now as simply, Teague.

Bombardier is another name that you may be familiar with, although they are far from just an aerospace company.

Sorry, I should have been clear with the heading. I was thinking about outerspace aircraft/ transportation design. The one company, moonfront designed rovers for nasa. I heard about a company who are designing jets that would take you outerspace for tours.

Core had an article about the design team at Nasa a bit longer than a year ago. Some good stuff in there.

Yes - that organization is NASA.

You don’t see any one operating a business based on outerspace design simply because you need money to stay in business and you can’t sell many products to astronauts. But the ergonomics/HF/and other fields are all specialists that work within NASA and other government space programs.