outdoor stacking chaise

Hey all. I have been looking for a modern/contemporary stacking chaise for an outdoor application and can’t find much. The one that frog just did for Landscape Forms is ok, but it doesn’t stack.

Does anyone know of any interesting stacking chaises maybe similar? Maybe acrylic, roto-molded, etc…?


Stacking will probably be the biggest obstacle - I haven’t seen this feature outside of contract-type stuff, and even then its not that prevalent.

How about the wave chaise from http://floatland.com/? Doesn’t say explicitly that it stacks, but it looks like it might…

Thanks for the suggestion. I have seen the one from Float, however that is about all. The thing that I don’t like about it is how you sit on the ground. I would like the seat to be raised.

Anyone seen anything else out there recently.