Outdoor Retailer Winter market

Any designers going to Outdoor Retailer Winter market?
Is it a good show for Designers to attend?

Hi MB2

Outdoor Retailer is a good show to attend if you are looking for work. It is also just fun to attend if you are into the gear and you want to see all of it in one place.

It is a selling event so people are busy, particularly the people you want to talk to.



bring me back a few samples of free nertural food packs…get some free goodies…
oh the mexican food acrt is good too.

is acg still showing at the show??

I really enjoy the winter and summer markets. The summer show is better because the outdoor parties are better than the indoor ones. I have never had luck getting work there but it’s fun to look around. I will be at the show and I would like to meet up with other designers. Send me a message.


Send me a message. this is my correct username.

I’ve never been to Outdoor retail but I might be getting more outdoor/hiker projects in the future instead of basic casual shoes.

My boss suggested it would be a great show to attend to become familiar with the category.

I’ve checked out their website and they have some seminars for designers. Think they’re worth attending?