Outdoor Power Brush - Final Year Design Project

Hi there,

For my final year design project I have decided to design and develop a product to aid outdoor cleaning within the home.

From experience I know the hassle in collecting leaves and debris that falls onto driveways etc.

I have discovered that there is nothing really on the market that adequately collects leaves, twigs, stones etc in an easy method using an automated motion rather than using a brush, pan and black bag etc.

The product ideally is going to be designed to hold a collection facility for all the debris collected and will no doubt be waterproof if used in wet conditions. It will possibly be powered by a re-chargeable battery unit, and will be designed to collect debris without the need of suction or vacuum.

I have conducted various research methods and looked at how things are generally collected and what things are collected especially within the yard.

It is to be aimed at DIY enthusiasts, people who like to keep there yard well maintained etc.

What are your thoughts on a product such as this and do you have any requirements that would be ideal for the product?


weight and target market are linked, depending on who you are aiming the product for, err other things like ergonomics are quite a concern, i would start off with a ton of research on existing product.

good luck, i’m in the same boat but with modular furniture :astonished:

I’m wondering why you are starting out with this guidline, no vaccuum? Is it for differentiation, noise, battery life?

These things work pretty well, and the mulching impeller is quite durable, even when sucking up rocks and sticks.


Thanks for the reply.

In terms of vacuum or suction I mean not be used as the main method of collecting debri. I have done various experiments with sticking a rotary brush on the end of a drill to simulate power and rotary action and the way it collects debri is quite violent, producing enough back force for the debri to be collected into a container had it been postioned behind the brush.

Interms of noise and power consumption to, as the power brush would be powered using a standard 24v rechargble battery similar to a power drill.

Maybe I should not have stated without the need of vacuum or suction as that may well aid the collection. It is a design wish I would like to have eliminated if possible.