outdoor playground furniture

hello i am a student industrial design and we have the task to create outdoor playground furniture that can be injection molded.
i will post my progess here so you guys can give some tips and maybe show some other insights
thanks in advance!
btw here are some pics with a feeling i want:
i really like this kind of stuff that kinda evolves into other shapes
this is graffiti art of a belgian artist, his work has a very cool style and i kinda want that in my product (btw his name is bue the warrior)

first sketches:
here is one of my idea’s a bowl that tilts and turns (i’m not yet thinking of the specific details and shapes but more thinking of sorts of games
wacom schets.tif (303 KB)
( i drew this on my wacom in sketchbook pro but most of my sketches will be in bic on paper)

some more sketches

the first one is the tilting bowl , the second one is a balancing game where you place the rings in the right place to make it tilt, the third one is a monowheel,the 4th is a bouncing bench and the last is a bike where you put your feet on a ball en push it to roll forward.