outdoor furniture - model advice

furniture concept to promote outdoor use and social interaction

C&C welcome

also looking for advise on how i might model a scaled version of this/ how i might make the design easier to manufacture?

Ceramic bench on top of bamboo support

just a question does ceramic top can be exposed to direct sunlght? can marble be a replacement.

Ceramic? Why not a more friendly material which can be recycled and is also less brittle?

This is design is a better candidate for fiberglass:
As the Eames La Chaise by Vitra

Side note, when you google Eames chair or Eames La Chaise, there seems to be a fair amount of p0rn involving Eames work… who knew.

I dunno what kinda google you are using, but i only see chairs :frowning:


I have the good google :wink:

I think it’s because I have my “safe search” off, the default is on, I like my internet straight from the tap, unfiltered, for better or for worse.

My safesearch stays off also, but I only see 1 or 2 models posing on them. Maybe you were trying to out the guys who would look to find out. Now a search for “candy” or “peaches” for an innocent packaging product render will get you in trouble at work!

great design!!! off topic question… what software was this rendering produced in?