Outdated Products

Staples and basketball nets, haven’t changed once in all these years.

There are just some stuff out there that hasn’t been changed since it has been introduced, it’s just “the same ol’ thing”.

Do you know of, or can think of something that hasn’t been changed since it’s existance?


Staples and basketball nets already do their job well… no point wasting time on products that don’t need imporvement… there are a lot that do need improvement…

i have seen basketball nets made out of metal chain for use in public spaces that do last longer. but they also rust / corrode and can break apart into a bunch of sharp lawsuit-inviting pieces. so it is interesting to note that there has been some de-evolution of certain products also. besides, it would take longer to cut down a net with a blowtorch after a college basketball game.

as far as products that have remained relatively unchanged:


Cars have more or less stayed the same for over a century, sure there’s the alternative fuel concepts but the bulk of mass production vehicles all follow the same configuration.


The bic pen crystal has not changed sine the 50’s and 20 million a day
are sold according to Domus.

The paper clip

The safty pin

The candle

The door stop

The rolling pin

The nail

The chia pet

ETC. . . . . . . . . .